This is a very frequent question, mostly asked by people who join up and want to cash out as quickly as possible.

Viuly has taken a very unique approach to dealing with this, by not releasing the exact details about how to achieve a given rank.  This is by design, to help encourage new users to explore the platform thoroughly and engage with the community.

Using a ranking system, Viuly want to reward those who use the platform in the way it was intended.  To reward those who return day after day and are actively engaging.

Your rank is an automatic calculation, based on all of your interactions with the Viuly platform.  The actions measured are things like:

  • Commenting on videos
  • Liking or Disliking videos
  • Uploading good quality videos (popular videos definitely contribute to your rank)
  • Depositing extra VIU
  • Donating to Creators
  • Buying pay per view content

And much more.

There is no way to increase your rank quickly. Those who have, are likely to have cheated the system or are using it in a way it was not intended.

Remember, your rank is not an achievement, it is a badge of recognition for your activity on the platform.  There is no need to rush to get there, it'll happen in its own time.