VIULY  - is a social media platform. As such, certain guidelines are in place to provide an inclusive, safe, and open community for each and every user. These guidelines are implemented to protect everyone from any form of harm or abuse. Thus, creating a socially responsible platform for everyone.

Take time to read the simple things below so as to be guided as to what is appropriate to be posted. Be informed that all reviews regarding your reported contents will be based on the guidelines below. Click on the underlined and bold texts to view more information

NOTE : The team holds the right to change these guidelines whenever necessary.

            ***Contents refers to any material present in the platform. Such as channel name, cover media, profile avatars, and channel descriptions. This is not an exclusive list. ***

Mature Materials

> Any contents that are sexually implied or suggestive and / or Mature should be tagged as +18.

> This also covers Disturbing images / videos as long as they are not graphically violent (GORE).

> Animal Fornication

> Failure to do so will result to video / channel being blocked without prior notice.

> We reserve the right to determine the reach of items that are considered as mature.


> anyform of nudity  is not allowed


> Materials that are not for fair use or open licensed are not allowed unless permission of use is stated.

> This covers any digital products such movies, TV series , animated shows etc.

> Music Videos are allowed for streaming purposes. Any attempt to earn money from any materials owned by other entities without permission violates this exception.

> Failure to meet the criteria(s) will cause account / channel / videos being blocked / banned.


> Deliberate attempt to lure people into clicking / viewing the materials to gain likes / views using irrelevant captions / descriptions / comments/ links /  images to the main content.

> All spammy items are not allowed


> any depiction of harassment and exploitation in any form is not allowed :     

        > Sexual     > Verbal     >Child Exploitation / Molestation


> any form of bullying against private individuals are not allowed


> Contents made to cause harm to people are not allowed. This may constitute :

    - Tutorials on Do it Yourself firearms / bombs

    - Scams


> Any form of praise or support to terrorist / hate orgs, their known leaders, and/or their acts and ideologies are not allowed.


> Any form of cruelty is not allowed :

   - animal abuse

   - mocking victims of terror acts, abuse, and accidents etc.