VIULY  - is a social media platform. As such, certain guidelines are in place to provide an inclusive, safe, and open community for each and every user. These guidelines are implemented to protect everyone from any form of harm or abuse. Thus, creating a socialy responsible platform for everyone.

Take time to read the simple things below so as to be guided as to what is appropriate to be posted. Be informed that all reviews regarding your reported contents will be based on the guidelines below.

NOTE : The team holds the right to change these guidelines whenever necessary.

Contents that are NOT allowed :

Any form of contents for sexual arousal / purpose be it explicit nudity / pornography or not. The same shall apply to avatars, thumbnails of the videos as well as the channel name / icon and background photo.

This includes but is not limited to :

  • Twerking
  • Sexy / Strip Tease Dances
  • Underwear / Lingerie
  • Overly Skimpy dresses
  • Focus on female cleavage
  • Focus on covered genitals
  • Adult oriented Channel Art
  • Adult oriented Avatars
  • Adult oriented Thumbnails
  • Child Exploitation / Abuse and Pornography.
  • Graphic Violent (Gore) contents.
  • Hateful / Threats / Bullying Contents
  • Terrorism propaganda related contents
  • Tutorials on Do it Yourself firearms / bombs
  • Copyrighted Materials - subject to further review.
  • Animal Abuse
  • Contents showing Non-Consensual Sex / Touching  -  RAPE / Gropping / Touching one's genital without consent.
  • Spam
  • Inappropriate Channel Names / Video Titles
  • Scams

FAILURE to met this guideline will cause account being permanently blocked without further notice.