Here are some of the reasons why an account is blocked in the context of your content uploaded on the platform :

1. Videos with nudity

2. Inappropriate Video or Channel Titles

3. Failure to tag sexually suggestive videos under 18+ filter. 

  > You will receive a notice to change the filter within 24hrs. Failure to do so will result in automatic block.

4. Clickbait - the video will be blocked. However, if there is substantial proof of violation, this may result to user account block.

This is not an exclusive list. We are still a new project and striving to be better in what we do. Everything we do is for the benefit of everyone. We should make our platform clear from pornographic materials and other inappropriate content as we are not a porn site. 

We will be adding more scenarios as the project progresses. In the mean time, you can always refer to our community guidelines to know what are the things that are not allowed in the platform.

Feedback is always welcome and you may drop some comments in the Forum section.