Due to events what have proven that IP address spoofing, VPN's and multiple accounts per IP address are mostly related to nefarious activities,  a rule has been added during the Alpha to hinder multiple registrations from a single IP.

Please be advised of the following:

  • For now, and possibly in the future, the Viuly platform will only allow a specific number of accounts per IP address
  • If your account registrations per IP exceed this number, ALL accounts on that IP will be blocked
  • The amount per IP will not be released publicly, as that would give cheats a baseline to work from
  • VPN's, Internet Cafes; Workplaces; and other pubic internet access providers are not supported at this time

We are aware that not all accounts from a single IP address are cheating, however at this early stage, we have to weigh up the ramifications if we allow any of these cheats through.

If you are one of the legitimate accounts caught in this rule, we're very sorry, but the platform is in active development.  It is likely this rule will be eased in the future, but not until we can find a better solution.

Please be very careful about how you access the Viuly platform.  If your account is blocked for the above reason, it is unlikely your account will be unblocked without evidence of all of the accounts and users on that IP address.

Thank you.