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Moving h264 from mkv container to mp4 container


I have an h264-encoded file that is in an mkv container. Unfortunately, as nice as an open container format is, I have yet to find a player than can handle it as well as and avi or mp4 container. So, I'd like to move it if possible. What tools can/should I use? I have access to a Vista machine and an OS X machine. I'd prefer to use the Mac as it's much beefier. I can probably get most free software tools to work as well. I am not afraid of the command line. In fact, I probably prefer it?

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The best tool I know of for simple conversion is Handbrake (

There is a Mac version that should accomplish the results you're looking for.

If your video is h.264, then you should only need to change the container format and copy the video rather than transcode it.

If you change the container (instead of transcoding), then it should only take a minute or two per video.

Handbrake is also capable of batch conversions.

If you want to script it, then use FFMPEG.  I created a script to do this years ago:

Just change the line:




Good luck.